How do you find a family lawyer in Brisbane

Family lawyers deal in a very specific area of law. They only deal in situations which pertain to domestic relationships. These include divorce, separation, annulment, child custody and alimony.

Sometimes lawyers specialize in two or three of these areas only so you need to make sure that you hire family layers in Brisbane who deal in the genre which needs to be addressed. If you are seeking annulment r separation you need to find a lawyer who specializes in these kind of cases only.

How to find family lawyers in Brisbane?

If you are looking for help for domestic issues, make sure you hire the right family lawyers in Brisbane. You can get help from the bar association in Brisbane to help you look for family lawyers. You could get several recommendations which you could follow up on.

Keep in mind that the first consultation is crucial in the process of finding a family lawyer. You should be fully prepared for your meeting. You should have a list of questions ready to ask your lawyer. Also don’t forget to ask them about their legal fee. You may need to consider that they could charge an hourly rate for their services. It is the most common fee arrangement. All the work pertaining to your case which includes phone calls, file work writing a report or attending a course case are all billed under the hourly fee.

A contingency fee is not used by family lawyers. Even if it is, it’s not done so commonly. The lawyer can be paid a percentage of the final award at the end of the case.

Another kind of fee is a retainer fee, in which the lawyer charges you a certain amount at the beginning of the case. The fee is ten deducted according to their hourly rate.

You should know what kind of fee structure they prefer and would help you be better prepared. When you find a lawyer you can afford you should make sure that you help them in all the ways you can, so they can fight for your cause.

Helping your family lawyer

You can help your lawyer in all of the following ways:

  • Always tell them the truth. Anything you hide from your lawyer could land you in trouble. It’s important they know the whole story. It would help them prepare the case in the best possible way.
  • All your documents should be in order. If you have a clean record of everything from joint bank accounts or investments, it’s going to come in handy. All phone calls and emails should be documented too so that you have a complete timeline of events which can be looked up when required.
  • Avid making snap decisions when it comes to family issues. It’s normal to get emotional but never make a decision based on those emotion. You need to be cool and level headed and follow your lawyer’s advice no matter what.

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